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Nobody likes being interrupted. Those uncertain moments on both sides of the door produce stress for everybody. Privacy destroyed. Eye contact avoided. Awkward. Embarrassing.








Panic is the enemy in an emergency. How many times has your staff scrambled to find the little emergency key and it’s nowhere to be found. Panic sets in and outcomes can change.








Restrooms are a target for vandals. Why do uninvited guests to your facility trash your restrooms? As much as we may not want to, controlling access to your restrooms is often necessary.

Lack of Secured Privacy

The Need for a Real Key


How Can the Restroom Deadbolt Indicator (RDI) Help?


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Replaces a "Privacy" Indicator Deadbolt

The RDI is Used in All Industries

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A Keyed Occupancy Indicator Lock

Everybody needs privacy in public restrooms. The Restroom Deadbolt Indicator (RDI) offers it at two levels. The RDI indicator deadbolt secures the door while the occupancy indicator tells others to wait, helping to prevent those awkward moments.

Widely used traditional occupancy indicator locks have two disadvantages.  When emergency entry is required, staff lose valuable time looking for and using the odd little keys supplied with all other cylindrical indicator deadbolts. Second, those emergency keys don’t work when the restroom needs locked down because of an out-of-service circumstance.

The RDI eliminates both these problems of traditional occupancy indicator deadbolts. Working with a Schlage or Falcon single cylinder deadbolt, the deadbolt locks and unlocks from the exterior with a regular key and from the interior with the thumbturn. In most cases it can be keyed to fit into a facility’s master key system. The indicator deadbolt with a key also allows owners to securely lock down restrooms when the need arises.

Whether it is a school, a senior care facility, a retail establishment, or a restaurant, any facility with a public restroom can benefit from the privacy and convenience that the installation of a Restroom Deadbolt Indicator (RDI) provides.

RDI with Schlage B660

The RDI (Restroom Deadbolt Indicator)

  • The RDI is an accessory piece of hardware for the Schlage and Falcon lines of cylindrical deadbolts.
  • You supply your choice of compatible deadbolts, or we can supply.
  • The RDI works with standard or IC cores.
  • Compatible deadbolts work with many keyways so you can almost always tie into your existing key system.
  • Requires the door to be machined only for a standard cylindrical lock (2-1/8” deadbolt prep, aka Standard ANSI) – no additional holes or machining required. If your door already has a deadbolt, no additional machining should be needed!
  • Engineered to seamlessly fit in behind the deadbolt.
  • Can be installed on doors from 1-3/8” up to 2-1/4” thick.
  • The RDI is field handed and easy to install.
  • Sturdy construction and security lenses prevent mischief and vandalism.

Occupancy Indicator for Schlage® Cylindrical Deadbolts

RDI & EDI Features Infographic

“We grew weary of our staff struggling during an emergency to find and use the special key to unlock the old standard privacy deadbolts we had for years. We wanted a deadbolt with an occupancy indicator and wanted it to work with our master key system. The Restroom Deadbolt Indicator was the perfect way to achieve this. Now we have the Restroom Deadbolt Indicator on the common area restrooms at all of our communities.”

Bryan Beamer

Vice President of Construction & Facilities, Bethesda Senior Living Communities

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Peace of Mind

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