Egress Deadbolt Indicator Thumbturn model in a 689 finish with a Schlage 660 Deadbolt in a 626 finish

Egress Deadbolt Indicator Thumbturn

An Indicator Rose for the Schlage and Falcon commercial lines of deadbolts

A keyed deadbolt with occupancy indicator!

Deadbolt with a Thumbturn on a Door in the Path of Egress?

The International Building Code (IBC) requires a “Key-operated locking device from the egress side,” which is interpreted to mean the deadbolt lock must be keyed, not only on the outside, but also on the inside of the building. So, then the deadbolt must be, in industry standard lingo, a double cylinder deadbolt. However, with any codes, the final word on this issue is given to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Not all AHJ’s around the country or the world believe the IBC is correct in this requirement. Many AHJs agree that yes, a status indicator should be required on a door with a deadbolt, but feel the deadbolt should have a thumbturn on the egress side (inside) rather than a keyed lock. If your AHJ requires or allows a deadbolt with a thumbturn and indicator, then the Egress Deadbolt Indicator Thumbturn (EDI-T) is the model you need.

The EDI-T has been designed to work with the Schlage B series and Falcon D series single cylinder deadbolts:

– Schlage B560, B660
– Falcon D241, D141

Again, a deadbolt with a thumbturn and indicator is not allowed by the IBC. Don’t make any assumptions about what is allowed in your area. Always check with the local AHJ before purchasing and installing the EDI Thumbturn model.


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