Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Deadbolt Indicators.


How soon can I get the Indicator?

We ship Monday through Friday. Quick ship options are available, including overnight, for an additional charge.

Will the Deadbolt Indicator fit in my standard 2-1/8" cylindrical lock prep?

Yes, the Deadbolt Indicator is designed to work in a standard 2-1/8″ cylindrical lock prep. No additional prep is necessary.

What finishes does the Deadbolt Indicator come in?

We currently offer 689 silver, 313 dark bronze and 622 matte black powder coat finishes.

Will the EDI/RDI fit my door?

The Indicators can be used on doors from 1-3/8″ up to 2-1/4″. For the EDI: How to Order. For the RDI: How to Order.

Can the Deadbolt Indicator be used with a push/pull?

Push/Pulls are a great option to use with the Restroom Deadbolt Indictor (RDI). Use a 4″ x 16″ push plate and a 4″ x 16″ pull plate with a 6″ center to center pull, both with a 2-1/8″ hole drilled in the top. See our Tech Notes: EDI & RDI for details.

How do I specify the EDI and RDI?

For EDI – Click Here

For RDI – Click Here


Will the Egress Deadbolt Indicator meet building code?

Yes, the Egress Deadbolt Indicator provides clear indication of the locked/unlocked status of a deadbolt. Installed with the included door label, the Egress Deadbolt Indicator meets all conditions of all of the International Building Code editions, Locks & Latches. Keep in mind, though, that the local Authority Having Jurisdiction ALWAYS has the final say.

Under the International Building Code (IBC) can I have a Thumbturn?

We do offer a Thumbturn model of the Egress Deadbolt Indicator (EDI-T). However, the IBC calls out the use of a double cylinder deadbolt, so the thumbturn does not meet code. Since the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) has the final say, a thumbturn would be allowed if the AHJ approves it. Check with your building department before purchasing an EDI-T.

See our IBC page for more information.

Are a deadbolt and Restroom Deadbolt Indicator (RDI) compliant with the ADA?

Both the Schlage and Falcon single cylinder deadbolts that are compatible with the RDI are ADA compliant, per the manufacturer.


Will the Deadbolt Indicator work with my key?

It depends. With KIK cylinders, most manufacturers’ keyways are possible when used with Ilco or GMS cylinders. See our KIK Tech Note. Schlage’s Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) model works with any manufacturer’s SFIC cores. The Schlage SFIC models B660B and B662B deadbolts are compatible with the RDI, EDI and EDI-T.

Can the EDI/RDI work with a Best cylinder (Small Format Interchangeable Core aka SFIC)?

Yes. A Best Cylinder is a Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC).  Schlage makes models in its B600 series that accept SFIC cores.

– Use the Schlage B660B for single cylinder deadbolts with the RDI and the EDI-T.

– Use the Schlage B662B for double cylinder deadbolts with the EDI.

Unfortunately, the Schlage B500 series and Falcon D200 series will not work with the EDI/RDI when using a SFIC core.

NOTE: Schlage does not include the SFIC core with their deadbolts.

Can the EDI/RDI work with a Schlage FSIC (Full Size Interchangeable Core)?

Yes. You have to use the Schlage B660R (Includes Core) or B660J (Less Core) for RDIs and the Schlage B662R or B662J for the EDI.

Unfortunately, the Schlage B500 series will not work with the EDI/RDI when using a Schlage FSIC core.

Can the EDI/RDI work with a Sargent, Yale, Corbin Russwin, etc. FSIC/LFIC cores?

The EDI/RDI has been designed to work with the Schlage B series deadbolts. Unfortunately, Schlage does not make deadbolts that accept competitors’ FSIC or LFIC cores.

Can I use my Medeco cores in the EDI/RDI?

If you can get your Medeco keyway in a small format interchangable core (SFIC), then YES! Use your SFIC Medeco core in a Schlage B662B for the EDI and use a Schlage B660B for the RDI. See our Tech Note: Medeco Cylinders.

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