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Running a Business Can Be Difficult

Your days are full with customers, employees and handling situations. Surprise fire inspections are not on your calendar, and not passing creates new stress. Don’t let a failed inspection throw a wrench in your best laid plans.

Failed Building Inspection

In the industry, the saying goes that someone died for every building code. Since 2003, the International Building Code (IBC) restricted the use of deadbolts on egress or exit doors. This is life safety code. Inspectors aren’t trying to make your life harder; they are trying to keep customers and employees safe.

Everybody Knows  Deadbolts Give Maximum Security

Designed to be difficult to pick or force open, deadbolts provide high security on exterior doors. Deadbolts don’t rely on a spring mechanism, and they are easier to install than most other options. So it’s frustrating when you fail inspection because of your deadbolts. Fortunately, there is an exception to the code: the deadbolt must have an indicator that clearly shows the locked or unlocked status of the door and signage over the door.

Have a Deadbolt and Meet CODE

with an Egress Deadbolt Indicator (EDI)


Meets All Code Requirements


Clearly Shows the Deadbolt Status


Can Be Keyed to Your Master Key


True Security After Hours


Keep Your Fancy or Custom Push/Pulls


Easy to Install


Peace of Mind that Your Customers and Staff are Safe

“We have installed many EDI egress deadbolt indicators over the last several years as inspectors enforce building codes in our area. The EDI is easy to install and works perfectly to keep our customers code compliant.”

Vickie Rayon

Rayon Locksmith, Port Arthur, TX

A Status Indicator Deadbolt Lock

Since 2003, the International Building Code (IBC) restricted the use of deadbolts on egress or exit doors except with the use of an indicator and signage over the door. This life safety code recognized that in emergencies, people panic. Visible indication of the door’s locked status saves time, confusion and potentially lives in an emergency. The problem was that an egress indicator deadbolt with a key didn’t exist.

As jurisdictions began enforcing this section of the IBC, business owners faced a dilemma: how to meet code and use their preferred door hardware. Want to use your fancy push/pull plates? Hate the look and sound of panic devices?  Have an inswing door? You were out of luck for a long time.

Fortunately, now there’s a solution that meets code and provides a keyed deadbolt with an indicator. The EDI egress deadbolt indicator works with single or double cylinder deadbolts on the inside of egress or exit doors. Visitors and employees can clearly see that the door is open while the space is occupied. While most jurisdictions require deadbolts with indicators that are keyed on both sides, some require a thumbturn deadbolt keyed only on the outside. We have both options that work with Schlage or Falcon deadbolts, providing clear indication of the locked/unlocked status of the door and the signage that code requires.

The EDI (Egress Deadbolt Indicator)

  • The EDI is an Accessory Piece of HardwareAccessory: a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. for the Schlage and Falcon lines of cylindrical deadbolts.
  • You supply your choice of compatible deadbolts, or we can supply.
  • The EDI works with standard or interchangeable (IC) cores.
  • Compatible deadbolts work with many keyways so you can almost always tie into your existing key system.
  • Requires the door to be machined only for a standard cylindrical lock (2-1/8” deadbolt prep, aka Standard ANSI) – no additional holes or machining required. If your door already has a deadbolt, no additional machining should be needed!
  • Engineered to seamlessly fit in behind the deadbolt.
  • Can be installed on doors from 1-3/8” up to 2-1/4” thick.
  • The EDI is field handed and easy to install.
  • Sturdy construction and security lenses prevent mischief and vandalism.
Line Drawing of Door with Deadbolt Latch
Lined Drawing EDI in Locked Possition
Line Drawing Deadbolt
EDI Line Drawing Exploded View

Occupancy Indicator for Schlage® Cylindrical Deadbolts

Egress Deadbolt Indicator Infographic

The EDI is Being Required by Inspectors Around the Country


Boulder, CO

Panama Bay Coffee Co Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek, CA

The Red Tomato Pizzeria Madison, CT

Madison, CT

Redemption Life Church, Powell TN

Powell, TN

Little Explorers Montessori, Edgewater FL

Edgewater, FL

Edgewater Public Market, Edgewater, CO

Edgewater, CO

Patient Support Services, Salem OR

Salem, OR

Tao Movement, Edmonds WA

Edmonds, WA

Colorado Springs, CO

THREE Simple Steps to Comply with Code

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The Key to Code Compliance

Have peace of mind that your deadbolt meets code and you will pass inspection.


Be Life Safety Code Compliant

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